21st Century Mantras


In an attempt to manifest divinity in language the heavens showered us with holy books. Every word contained in ancient scriptures is meant to incite a spiritual realization. Because the application of religion has become mass marketed and politically regulated we are experiencing continental shifts away from what is claimed to be God. We have even shunned the word religion itself choosing to be labeled as agnostic and spiritual rather than religious. The 21st century has ushered in the era of prophets where the seven billion people on earth have individualized beliefs, and personal religions. We all believe in something, even when its nothing, and it trickles into every aspect of our being.

Mantras are a powerful tool. Working in this plane as Neitzsche’s autosuggestion and in the universal realm as broadcasted thought energy, mantras are able to transform completely one’s interaction with their world. Our personal Moses and Mo’s, Jesi and Buddhas have helped us each come up with the mantras of our lives. Even though our individualized interactions with the roller-coaster of stimuli around us are governed by our personal quotes, sayings, books and idols, our mantras remain simple.

For Example:

Mantra #1

In a world where everything matters the ego has taken dominance. We have defined the perfect weight, height, hair color, nose shape, boob size, penis size, combination of colors and assignment of objects to genders. Everyone is walking around casually, actively judging everything. The self consciousness it has created is evident in everyone along with its equal spectrum of dysfunctions. This preoccupation with self that almost the entire human population has developed can only mean one thing,

“Nobody gives a shit.”

In the simplicity of this realization the ego has no reason to defend itself. Just as disuse of any organ of the body leads to its disintegration, so does the ego being an appendage of the mind. Repetitively identifying that nobody really gives a shit it becomes more apparent that our ego is in fact the only one that does give a shit. We are the ones giving a shit about others appearances, morals, values and behavior. We form reactions and suffer because of them. When I don’t give a shit, nobody does. When nobody gives a shit, I am my self without border in a playground of my own potential. Then suddenly everyone truly cares.

Mantra #2

Rejection is experienced as some of the most severe blows to our ego. Hopes built up on fulfillment of dreams ranging from sexual to career are shattered at every moment. Because of our powerful ability of imagination and our tendency to decide everything we are all fortune tellers of our own destinies. When life takes its natural course not conforming with the self written versions of our future we become handicapped. Confusion ensues and the suffering of mourning an idea that we had become so attached to begins. Every person has their own way of dealing with their existential conflicts essentially deciding the length of their suffering. Finally a period of experimentation into other experiences follows where one eventually finds peace. The calmer sense of being achieved can only mean,

“Even when it’s a No, it is part of my flow.”

The most beautiful artworks are shaped by as many perfections as faults. We are not born ready but we become it. We become more intuitive with every experience, every encounter. It is said not to hate anything for perhaps it is a blessing and when our attachment governs our being it is a blessing wasted. I will look for the stillness in my mourning until even death is insignificant because when I am in flow, I am at peace. This is the blessing. The whole universe then ebbs in agreement of our entire existence.

Our 21st century mantras have become our way of life replacing doctrines that have been applied for thousands of years. The language may change but the universal proclamation is the same. What is received is the response to what is put out. You are as divine as the atoms you are made of. Please feel free to share with us your own mantras in the comments section below. This post is the first of a series to come incorporating the divinity you choose to share.

I am of love. I am of abundance. I am of peace. Just like you. Amen.

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