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Prayer of Being

Dear God,  Unlock that within me which is, Effortless. Boundless. Fearless.  Make me unlimited, unrestrained, undefined and unashamed.  Let me be as clay, water yet stone.  Let me be as … Continue reading

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The Effect of an Individual

“One of today’s biggest misconceptions is that we believe our individual choices are not affecting the world.”

“The Effect of an individual” is now online on hiniblabs

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The Mental Playground

Science is proving more and more the importance of our internal dialogues. How we converse with ourselves creates a mental playground that forms the platform each one of us operates from.

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A Spaced Conversation

“That is the error, the flaw, the near miss that makes you believe you are free,
of the chains you have wrapped yourself in, and willingly swallowed the key.”

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The Freedom of Options

We are embedded with the ability to forget and move on. It is a human quality that has allowed us to evolve past our biggest tragedies whether they are personal … Continue reading

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The Flying Word

I am a street between trees, Leading nowhere in between, I am a sea glistening wide, While mountains soar by, I am a silence of dreams, With clouds in its … Continue reading

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“Mind Your Body” for The Outpost Magazine

Hello Dear Readers, The Outpost is an independent magazine that has seen exponential growth since its inception, gaining international recognition and awards, of which the most recent is its nomination … Continue reading

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Are We All Connected?

 . The fastest way to make any living creature lose its mind, is to trap it in a small cage. There are thousands of pet shops, aquariums and zoo’s that … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Science of Love

When death happens every thing stops to submit to a higher calling; sending off the spirit of a loved one. Time stops in the sense that everything that had previously … Continue reading

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Knowledge of the Unleashed

There are many approaches to life; optimistic, pessimistic, career oriented, family oriented, self-centered, humanitarian, leftist, rightist, liberal, extremist, metropolitan, naturalist and the list goes on. Any person in the world … Continue reading

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