A Way Forward



There is a forest
On a broccoli’s head

A mountain
On a surface of rock

In a single cell
And the universe
In an atom

There is soul
In this body

In these eyes

Perfection embodied
Outlived and alive

Yet here I lie, sleeplessly distressed
Endless imagery filling my head
There I am prancing larger than life then pendulously knocked over back into strife
To and fro, back and forth, yin then yang, high then low


A moment glimpsed
Appears from it all
A wavering space not thinking at all
A planted silence of breath between noise
Fertile with islands of peaceful poise

Is it a moment born of a tired mind
When endless chatter is finally resigned
Or is it a place where I am erased
And realized back to conditionless grace

I wonder wandering, perhaps aimlessly perhaps not

There is a sun in a flame

And truth beyond words

Where there is always freedom, and a way forward



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