Until I Awake


I wish I was more
This world needs saved
But even the richest and wisest are strained
The braver you are, the deeper the hole
Dug in the hearts of those who mourn

Round a table the fate of all sits
Numbers and pride decide what persists
One head held high, another shrieks and cries
Loaded die ready, roll to kill

Burn this land, place these people here
Replace all that was and instill in them fear
That you are the righteous, from others beware
Let your guard down and be massacred away
You are the peaceful, look how you live
You pay for the gun, but blood elsewhere is spilled
So your children can wake to a beautiful dawn
Protected from children who know what was done

Little do both sides know
The wheel turns the same endless show
The native mother, the hamidian man, the jewish brother, the palestinian clan
Tirelessy turning until it is learned
The hunger for power see’s everything burned
The human, the animal, the forest, the land
The ocean, the sky, the Earth to sand

I wish I was more but its wiser to wish it all away
It will continue until annihilation anyway
So I pledge what is remaining of all my days
To be of love and practice its ways
Until this body is infertile to poison of man
And this mind only seeks what God understands
Maybe more is just not to partake
And be my best, until I awake.



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