Break Loose

break loose

Sometimes it’s just not enough to simply know
For knowledge is actionless
And when fire lights the hearth, the wheels turn tireless
If truth the heart desires, the deepest layers will break loose
floating through webs of denial so the eyes can deduce
Do I see my darkness or do I push it back inside?
Befriend my madness or hurt my pride?

The road is calling

but corpses lie along side

defeated by the self they could no longer hide


The more I learn the less I believe, that I truly want to be free

To find the center I must split to each pole, and dismembered surrender all that I have known

Abandon this armour that has shielded me from truth, watch it dissolve the folly of my youth

I have agonised my failure and obsessed over form
then picked up the pieces and adopted another norm

Trying to find solace in the mirror of anothers eyes

Yearning to be the lover with the prettiest disguise…



Yet another layer I never knew

and was not prepared to see

weighs down this body saturated with my deceit…




Shatter my frame, open my heart

Light the flame to finally depart

Littered shards bury the man I have known

Leave nothing but spirit in love with the unknown


Let me be this universe and all of it’s stars

planets dancing around to silence afar


For what is this journey if not pledged to the pursuit

of discovering the secrets to surpass and transmute


So try my love and fail your pride away

ebb and flow, will show you the way

Let conquered peaks and sorrowed trenches instill

the wisdom of life’s rhythms that throughout remain still.




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