Speak to Me

Universe speaks

Speak to me dear universe, show me the rest of this path.

The one we started when blessings were pebbles, guiding through pain, guiding through uncertainty and foreign land.

Speak to me and remind me to trust, like you did when I left it all to find the self you wanted me to know, the one fertile anywhere and only grows.

Show me the way forward, clear my mind, un-cloud my vision and in me confide.

I have opened my heart and ventured through pride, leaving no place for ego to hide.

I have surrendered it all searching for reason to be born and now torn at crossed roads again…

Do I stay or do I go,
dive deep or want more,
sprout roots or explore?

The seeker you have planted within me grows tall but hungrier, knowing life’s pages cannot be read with words written in haste, blurred lines only leave one misplaced, and sometimes where one is in life must just be embraced…

Show me old friend, once again, like you have always in times of daze.
I am blinded but always listening through haze.
Come in blessings, serendipity and phrase, and I will follow the sun within me you always raise.


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