The Lonely One



I am the lonely one
It is the path I have chosen
Left all my love far, far away
Chasing the promise for a better day

But the day grows longer and nights too short
Tirelessly making the living told of
Where walls are a castle and heart is a throne
And beauty is a comfort that is all my own

Yet here I am staring at the words on my screen
On some app that never led anywhere, and never will it seems
In a house too small for a human and two cats
In a land where I am no one and an alien alas

What have I done, adopting a dream
That some decided was gold to achieve
Why did I place all my faith in this way
Now I am stranded, alone in my dismay
A fire unfulfilled howls in my chest
Seeding this body with strife and unrest
How do I escape the choices I’ve planned
And if I abandon ship where will I strand
Why is my mind running out of dialogue
To keep lemonade made despite backlog
How many more nights will sleep be disturbed
By longings of a body that need to be heard…


Sighing into empty space
Maybe relief is an exhalation

Perhaps a fire can be replaced
With the novelty of inspiration

If the bold are those resurrected from ash
Then let my heart be moulded and mashed
Nothing ever goes according to plans
Even the cosmos is a game of chance
Toss dear soul, and swirl as the moon
Sing the unknown and abandon “soon”
Look into the mirror and see who you are
That you are the dust once forged in a star
You are the castle of life so grand
That even the wisest cannot understand
You are the beauty of an ocean and land
Shaping the human you carry in hand
And where you are alien your heart is your muse
Leading your desire to conquer your truth

Now you know you are never alone
So take all your love
and spread it to the world.



2 thoughts on “The Lonely One

  1. Sit with your lonelinless and learn to love it as youve told me to sit with my pain.. learn the shadows and valleys that cross the vast plain of lonliness and from these lessons you will emerge..
    the path youve chosen is one that leads to the bettering of humanity, its a long one till you reach its comfort zone but you’ll hate yourself if you do anything less noble so when the doubt arises just know its your pesky ego/ the mind and not the true self/ soul.. learn to quiet the mind and just relish in your own awesomeness.. no distractions and no short-cuts to pleasure.. love u

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