Shokran Amreeka (Thank You America)


America is a world where civilization is demonstrated at its latest manifestation. Technology is easily moulded to make life more comfortable. Diversity has shaped a tolerance that allows even the most extreme forms of expression. Cradled in isolation from most of the worlds drama there is a luxury of thought spanning the spectrum of human thought, from its most superficial to its most deep. It is a 21st century jungle containing human experiences equal to those of the largest rainforest. Although it is arguably the mightiest nation in the world its people are as welcoming as family. They are disturbed by breaking simple human morals as disrespect and intolerance. This has allowed space for any race, culture and ideology to flourish. There is freedom of expression, worship and choice. America is the epitome of human exploration providing inspiration across generations but underneath its beautiful clothing, it is like any other place in the world, a journey of the soul.

Our technology has reached the point where it can box the senses. Vision is stimulated with screens and sound is packaged into speakers. Touch is manipulated with synthetic materials and taste is indulged to obesity. We have even bottled the multitude of fragrances the Earth has to offer adding further to our games of seduction. Our natural thirst for stimulation is furnished with inventions of entertainment whether on the road or on our couches. Everyone walks around with toys catering to their life stage, experiencing through them every emotion from joy to sorrow. The senses are the portal of the mind to our consciousness. Every stimulus results in a cascade of electric activity that awakens a new thought. With this integration of life experience our psyche is formed resulting in as many personalities as there are trees. Underneath our 21st century lives we are expressing the primal need of feeding our being. In our ingenuity we have only created layers that overlook the river of our soul, reaching from different heights to drink.

The world contains infinite layers to reflect those of our own consciousness, and it is a choice how deep to dive. It is not exclusive to any place, government or people it is everywhere and in everyone. I have selectively blinded my senses my entire life and it has determined how fast I have grown and how open I have been. I am a wave dancing in an ocean of divinity with no control over its currents. But when I am in synchrony I may will a tsunami. America has been the standpoint of my deepest plunge and now I am again. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. The universe is a treasure chest of possibility with every experience bringing us closer to home. To an essence in our hearts where we are alive beyond border, civilization or mode of life. Thank you America for opening my eyes further to a squint. The kiss of awakening is now on the lips of the entire world, and I will be a receptacle pouting in awe. You are my senses. You are writing the book of my life that I will read as a Gita. And when I am the author you are a Quran, a Bible, a Torah, a Saint. Amen.

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