Creating Reality



There are no facts in life. Even those believed to be true for hundreds of years have disintegrated in a fraction of a second with scientific advancement. At first the earth was flat and when Columbus didn’t fall off the edge, it became round. Our parents were taught the atom is the smallest particle of matter while we are taught that so far, quarks are. History has shown that no scientific achievement is immortal. The laws of nature have become transitory lines of theory made popular within their relevant stretches of time. But when truth is a function of fact and fact is a function of time, what remains to be real?

When we stare at the sky in wonder we are not even seeing a millionth of the span of the universe. Through the evolution of instruments made to expand the limits of our sight, it has become more possible to watch plays happening in the cosmic theatre. Comparing different galaxies at different ages we are able to condense billions of years into seconds. Studying the spectrum of light emitted from a star and how it is affected by the behavior of planets around it, we are able to calculate distance, temperature and the constituent elements forming alien worlds. We are even able to paint the landscape of those millions of light years away. Every day hundreds of planets in zones considered habitable for life around their stars are being identified, and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. We have even found that gravity is not a constant in relation to the existence of these planets. We are floating in an ocean so vast that we are specks of dust rotating on a pebble, oscillating around a flame.

We are so insignificant yet we are so sure. Everyone of us behaves like a galaxy. I am told how to live, how to think, how I should love, speak, write and whom to obey. We have estimated the age of the universe to be 14 billion years with humans existing for only 200,000 of them. My whole lifetime is therefore nothing but a breath, our entire history a sigh. We are forced to participate in war and revolution and for what? I have spent a quarter of a century in illusions and delusions and called them reality. How many have you spent? I am not the truth I am of it. I am of love, I am of peace, I am of abundance. Just like you. I am abandoning their failed scientific, religious and individual truths because it is time they are recognized as temporary insanity that never really mattered. We are what matter. The world is of and within us, and mine brings me to my knees in rapture. I will worship the heaven that continues to shine, even through the hell they have created. This is my choice. This is my reality. You build yours and I’ll build mine and when we are aligned, I will worship you too. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Creating Reality

  1. Absolutely beautiful. You’ve just spoken my mind in ways I never could have. That being said, my grammar nazi did kick in at a minor typo which I’d like to point out – “Columbus didn’t fall ofF* the edge.
    Would love to see more pieces.

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