Tuning in.

tuning in two

Life is a series of perfect circles in harmony with one another. The water cycle emanates in concordance with the rotation of the Sun. Life and death are a continuity when plants feed animals that eventually form the soil that nourishes them. This perfect balance achieved through millions of years of evolution is proof that when elements are in unison there is flow.

In yogic philosophy there are two universes. An outer and an inner and they are a reflection of each other. In a world where whole landscapes are cleared to build monuments and enough waste is produced to cover a continent, how am I reflected? In our current state of existence we live at the expense of every other life form on the planet, even each other. The imbalance created by our species has become a fact of life, and it has trickled down to every aspect of our being. How many relationships are cleared every time I am angry? How much verbal waste do I produce when I am wrong? Because the world continues even in its dysfunction, I have learned to continue in mine.

I was raised in a place where God is preached and Satan is applied. I am part of a culture whose smiles conceal poisonous thoughts and I work in an institution that gambles with humanity. When the notes are out of tune an intimate symphony is reduced to noise, but if it continues to play our hearing becomes accustomed. Contradictions have followed me since birth and so with my ears adjusting to that frequency, I lost my ability to tune in to a different tune. But If I am made of nothing different than the entire cosmos, and it is living in perfect tranquility, am I not born with the same divine compass I need to create flow?

If alignment is required of the infinite universe and of infinitesimal musical vibrations for the creation of beauty, it is not any less required of us. The journey inward begins by listening without fear of the answer or a belief of what it will be. As I accept my body as the temple of my soul I have begun to recognize that which I could not see because I believed the world functions without eyes. As my inner universe begins to settle down, my outer reflects and we exist as vibrations in harmony. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. You are my universe and as I break my shell into pieces, and melt into my divinity, I hope to become yours too. And you continue to be my inspiration. Amen.

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