For Love that Left


The time has finally come my love,
To bid the love we once knew good-bye.
You are no longer in every picture,
In every chat, and on my speed dial.

The more time fills spaces,
of days without you gone by,
The more this heart beats phrases,
That are separate from you and I.

I still feel you, and this connection.
I felt you when your heart was inside,
The embrace of another warm lover,
That would replace me by your side.

Funny enough I didn’t hurt, on the contrary I felt relief,
That you can now spread your magic, to another blessed soul in need.

For you were my medicine, my mentor, my match, mirror, and mind,
You mended my broken exterior, and founded within me a shrine.

You took me to your deepest places, traveled to the farthest of mine,
You bore the light throughout,
Before, I was blind.

So thank you my love, you have been divine. You have been a love written in lifetimes of skies.

But now we are no longer for each other, and this love is not able to die.

This love has moved mountains and our ending is but a pebble inside.
This love has shaped a human and cannot be a parting of pride.

So in this heart you will remain my love and we will transform and transcend,
To a shore where we are always together, and you will be more than my lover, my friend.



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