The Mental Playground


Gluten is one of the most infamous food elements of today. Although only about one percent of the population has celiac disease, caused by gluten, a much larger proportion report gluten intolerance. This is why it remains arguable whether gluten itself is in fact bad for health but what we do know, is that once these people stop eating bread, pasta, or any other gluten containing food made of wheat, barley, rye, corn, millet or sorghum, they are cured. The scientific evidence suggests two reasonable explanations for this; the way bread is prepared today curtails the fermentation process required to digest gluten when flour and water are mixed, by using fast yeast, and white flour is made by stripping grains of their outer shell, the most nutritious part (whole vs. refined grain), to make flour last much longer. Following our evolution and the need to produce and profit more, we have inadvertently made a staple food of our society less nutritious. You see most often than not, nature is perfect, and when disease results in the body the question of our own involvement always gets asked last. Its the weather, or a virus, or a food, this or that, instead of analysing our own hand in the outcome.


Sound is a vibrational wave propagating through a medium. When a source creates sound it causes oscillations in pressure and other mechanical forces in the medium its traveling through, such as air or water. Sound basically swims as a wave and becomes audible when it hits the ear drum, causing it to mirror the vibration produced by that sound. Our brain interprets the vibratory pattern and allows us to understand what we are hearing. This behaviour of sound has allowed us to see through layers of skin and water, giving us the ability to visualise a fetus inside the womb and map the entire ocean floor. Today sound is even being used to treat cancer and diseases such as chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and depression. There are many subtle energies in the universe such as this. If you look long enough you can trace the stars moving across the sky. The earth is moving, rotating, all the time around itself and around the sun. The sun is also rotating around the center of the solar system, and our galaxy rotates around another and this is essentially Einsteins theory of relativity that was recently proven with gravitational waves. This has changed our perception of the universe in that now space is not empty space, but in fact a fabric of space-time in which planets and other celestial formations are held. Perhaps the most subtle of energies in our universe are our thoughts. Thoughts can be quantified as electrical energy lighting up the brain on sensitive medical instruments such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and have been demonstrated to influence reality, when scientists showed how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. This essentially became one of the founding pillars of quantum physics which gave us technologies such as the laser, electron microscope and MRI. Just like gravity, sound and all other forms of energy, thoughts affect the surrounding environment, perhaps even the space-time continuum but that has yet to be proven.


In a recent study on addiction, laboratory mice were given the option of drinking from two water sources; clean water, and water with cocaine dissolved in it. The mice that drank cocaine water became addicted and would only drink from that source until they died, eventually all mice mimicked this behaviour with the same fate. Scientists then repeated the same experiment but this time gave the mice a bigger cage, more playmates and other factors that they termed giving the mice an “enriched environment”. This time the mice did not drink the drugged water, and those that had already been addicted spontaneously lost their addictive behaviour thirty days later. This opened up the question of if addiction is really just a function of biological factors related to a drug, or a survival tool to escape one’s environment. When it comes to human addictions more often than not our “cages” are self imposed. Whether the restraints are social, cultural, religious, work-related, or personal, people with addictions can in fact alter their environment and overcome their addictions, a method known as self-empowerment. Through this one is able to expand the variety of options actually available to them, simply by opening themselves up to avenues they had not been able to see due to self imposed restraints. This brings out the importance of a metaphor proposed by a very wise friend called, “Minotti’s Triangle Theory”.


When looking at a triangle from the inside one may look towards the angles where the legs meet, or look away from them. When looking towards the angles the field of view narrows to the point where the legs meet, whereas when this angle is behind the observer the legs stretch out opening up towards the longest side known as the hypotenuse. This is the basic premise of Minotti’s theory, the position of the observer and their perception. In one view the observer will see only a narrow convergent perspective, and in the other a wide divergent one. When we have proven that the observer can affect electrons, and their state of mind based on their perception, does it not become necessary if not absolutely essential to direct one’s field of life view to the hypotenuse?


Science is proving more and more the importance of our internal dialogues. How we converse with ourselves creates a mental playground that forms the platform each one of us operates from. When we interact with each other we are entering each others playgrounds, and what we feel or give out is an exact representation of what we have furnished this space with. An individual with unresolved childhood issues, who goes on to live a turbulent adult life versus one who has worked on their internal blockages and goes on to inspire others. The difference between these mental playgrounds lies in the nature of the voices narrating their lives. The former adopts a reprimanding authoritative voice, while the latter is maternal and nurturing. The former is rigid and confident in their dysfunction, while the latter is self reflective and forgiving. For this very reason, becoming familiar with and charging your mental playground literally decides your life, helping one understand their active role in the outcomes of their life. In fact there is whole discipline known as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the science of reprogramming this communication to re-wire the brain into becoming a high achiever.


Despite what life may throw at each of us, we are the lead actors of our individual dramas. How we choose to perceive life, where we choose to stand, and how playful we decide to be are all decisions we make, whether conscious or unconscious. This is perhaps most accurately displayed in patients who learn they only have a few months to live and either spend it as hell or poetry. The saying “live each day as if it is your last”, cliche as it may be, communicates this same message. Would you still argue with a lover if you were dying tomorrow? Would you still hold a grudge? Would you still pass judgement on others? Charge your mind with beautiful things. Read, watch, hear, experience and engage in mind opening activities. Let go of everything that creates and fuels dark places in your mental playground, whether that is people, situations, conversations, or beliefs. The more you understand yourself, the more you will achieve. Whether you are an atheist, religious, spiritual or agnostic believe in your inner intelligence. The intelligence that orchestrates your body to perform a trillion functions without your input. An intelligence that responds to the different energies, whether external or internal to you, including thought. Believe that the more you charge this intelligence the more you will understand yourself and your unique functions in this world. Recognize that what you charge yourself with either weakens or strengthens this intelligence, and realise that in times of need this is what comes out, either to your demise or your aid, and it is all entirely up to you. We live in the age of movement, where time flies faster than we can remember, and if I die tomorrow I want to look back and three things treasure. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. May your triangle lead to the release within your hypotenuse.






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