A Spaced Conversation


There’s a symphony in my head
always telling me I’m brilliant,
to the point I can comprehend,
in failure you can be valiant.
Where is the right in shaming
where a path you cross will bend,
when a new direction will take you,
to a truth you did not comprehend?

Sense, listen.
The music beyond yet within,
is trying to overtake you,
but you’re just too determined to win.

No, I say. I am right here. I’m ready now open my chest.
How much of this self must I plead, that you would release these dreads?

On, in love you must go!
Drunk beyond what is real,
yet planted in this intricate maze,
desperately searching for peace.

But I tire, I proclaim.
Why this nonsense?!
Why ups and then downs and then grey’s?
Why not be gentle in lessons,
teaching the dance of grace?

I am love, my love. I am peace itself. I am the abundance of every sun to ever be.
And all of this universe has been orchestrated,
so you can be who you want to be!
But on you go with lifetimes,
striving and yearning for bling,
draining the ether from you,
that lights the way to being.

Why then, I ask, did you plant this earth
with pleasures for hearts to delight?
Then pave the way with tribulations,
obscuring a never ending fight.
What is the purpose of abandoning this earth, for treasure in realms I can’t see?
With glistening promises of bliss that seem far too fetched for me.

That is the error, the flaw, the near miss that makes you believe you are free,
of the chains you have wrapped yourself in, and willingly swallowed the key.
I am helpless to a child who decides, my playground is not for them
blaming this incredible design, for the self they choose to condemn.
There is no place you can not see, not even heaven or hell,
these realms you desire and fear are stories you have chosen to tell!
This is the result of that, the imagination of creation and war
that even when you destroy your self, the grass will continue to grow.
This is the love beyond hate, that prospers when silence begins,
rising from the depths of hearts that have known the trenches of feelings.
After every fall there is a rise, for every black there is a white,
the sorrow pregnant with life reveals the joyous birth of light.
Surrender to the ebb and flow, crash into the shores of release
till you are churned into grains of sand, that shape the earth beneath.
For when you have learned to be that small yet be the ground for every seed,
to find itself within your loins and branch its way to creed,
that is when you will find my love, that it is all as simple as breath,
till then I watch with heart ache how many times you must go through death.

I cry.
In awe.
In relief.
Now I know that it all is.
A symphony I have resisted that has crafted this fragile skin.
So I listen, I quiet, then listen
attuning this body to hear,
the beauty these eyes now see taste a fragrance that I feel.
Gone the struggle, in love I go
I am the earth, the seed, and the light
And on,
I will concede,
till I am suspended in spaceful flight.




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