A Paradigm of Trust


The world is a noisy place. Stimuli shoot through us every moment, like living electricity poles tied to a grid. Everything we sense allows us to paint a picture of an otherwise non-existing world. If one was born with no senses at all, no sight, taste, touch, sound or smell, what world would there be to interpret? A situation as simple as catching the flu and losing the sensation of taste for a day, can transform one’s entire experience of living. Our senses allow us to navigate our bodies through a physical dimension, but no human experience is complete without that of the soul.

Video games are perhaps one of the 21st century’s most ingenious inventions. Hundreds of alternate realities created from imagined variations of sensual perception. Whether flying without wings or racing at 400 km/hr, the thrill of gaming is universal. The evolution of difficulty provides another thrill, with a gamer’s excitement growing with every challenge. A gamer becomes the game, living its experiences. Finally when a game is completed, a gamer appreciates the ride and then begins a new one. We play because for that very short amount of time we are limitless and there is absolute trust. What could possibly go wrong? No one ever died of a video game. It is comforting because we know it’s not real, we can’t really lose even if we did. Whatever happens doesn’t really mean anything, but people have certainly died from flying, and so in real life we are limited and cannot practice absolute trust.

Love is a very real sense. A child starved of love is broken, but a deaf child showered with love is perfection. Soul encompasses an array of senses much like those of our body. Compassion, gratitude, and acceptance are all senses. People who practice those senses more than others have a scientifically proven tendency to not only be more at peace, but also to have much lesser incidence of disease. The senses of our soul are so intimately intwined that expressing them can manifest physical experiences. Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, otherwise known as Broken Heart Syndrome, is a disease where emotional stress such as the death of a loved one causes the heart muscle to instantaneously weaken, ballooning out, placing the heart at risk of failure. When one is in love it shines on their being as clear as day. Much like the lack of sight produces blindness, a lack of love produces hate. A lack of compassion – righteousness, gratitude – jealousy, and so on.

Emotional pain has been scientifically proven to be the most intense form of pain, and underlying any form of pain there is a loss. A loss of a relationship, a cherished item, a reputation, money, an organ, etc… But if life was just like a video game, with nothing to lose, would life have any pain at all? We can explore the senses of our soul without limit but we do not. We do not trust life because we always have something to lose, but how can one loving without condition get hurt? One giving beyond expectation be disappointed? One accepting without judgement be broken? A video game is played not to reach a final destination, but to go through every level understanding what must be learned, and how it can be applied to advance. In life it is the senses of our soul that allow us to advance, to play without fear, but it is a choice vowed and committed to. It is a place of human experience where we are not as small as our interactions, but as open as the universe itself. I choose faith in my experiences. I choose more than this body of doubt stricken with what I may encounter. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. If life is a metaphor then let its truth become our pursuit, and in this flowering of dimension, may our trust be absolute.



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