Justifications of a Sinner


If religion existed in the animal world, can a Muslim dog be gay? Can a Christian cat have more than one partner? These phenomenon in nature exist spontaneously. Now, one can argue that that is the difference between humans and animals; a higher being, but when comparing the animal kingdom to the kingdom of heaven, why is it that the former exists in spontaneous harmony, yet the latter lays out the perfect plan only to achieve the opposite?

There is no freedom in that which you cannot but be a slave to. I am a human and so in my capacity I am only able to be human. Luckily for the human world, the true difference between us and the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to play God. We have been given the golden chalice; the free will of life. There is no known animal capable of destroying their entire ecosystem, except us. We can single handedly destroy or cure our planet, proving every day how far we are able and still may be able to go with our minds. The only problem is that we are too busy fighting the demons created by worshipping anything but ourselves, bestowing the qualities of our true nature on mascots we are supposed to live up to but can’t, because we cannot but be slaves to our selves.

I remember growing up as a muslim boy and having for the first time a beer in ramadan. Two evils, one glass. Despite all the guilt and fear I had felt, something had driven me. It was my freedom. When Jesus lived he chose to live his own life till his last moment on the cross. When Mohammad lived he cut through the rule of kings with his words. When Buddha lived he gave up a kingdom, to pursue himself. My writing is sometimes taken as anti-religious but I am not, I am all religions and none at all. I have been a muslim, raised by christians, educated about judaism, entrenched in buddhism, dabbling in atheism and then I became my self, and that is when the universe began responding. I cannot but be my self yet I am accused of being a slave to my desires. What is wrong with pursuing what I desire? I do not desire to kill, or steal, or hurt, or live at the expense of anyone. I do desire however to be happy. I desire to be free. There is no freedom in that which you cannot but be a slave to, but in surrendering to yourself who is master and who is slave? Only in resistance can there be a master and slave, an order and obey, and as long as I am conditioned to fear imaginary demons born of my true desires, then I am only being taught to resist. It is true that the difference between us and the animal world is a higher being, but that is not born of our religions, it is born of embracing our selves. We are all sleeping Gods sedated with generations of conditioned arrows pointing anywhere but our hearts, and we cannot wake up until we have understood what it is to be human. What it is to have sex. To be wild. To love, and love more than once. To make mistakes, and to accept them. How can I understand anything that is beyond my human form, when I am not allowed to understand anything that makes up my human experience?

I will be free to let this body teach me how I am divine. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. May we jump into the unknown knowing we cannot know anything except our selves, and in surrendering to our own may we bring the universe to coalesce.



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