Algorithms of Madness



Bipolarity is a disease characterized by cycles of mania and depression. During a depressive episode the patient loses interest in food, sleep, people and life. During a manic episode however the patient is euphoric to the point of folly. They are “high on life” feeling the “best they have ever felt”. They may even give away all their belongings for a greater sense of grandiosity. Manic episodes are an indication to be admitted into the psych ward against the person’s will, because they are considered to be a threat to thier own lives. There are people out there like ISIS (da’esh) and thier respective counterparts in every religion, sect or group. They become that way because of what they are taught since childhood. They feel high on life because of their, “connection with God”. They even give thier own lives for a greater sense of grandiosity, hurting millions in the process. Why is it then that our hospitals are not filled with religious and political fanatics? Why are we still medicating the result of hate instead of those who planted its seed?


The Internet is one of humanity’s most profound achievements. It is a virtual space containing every element of our existence stored on servers around the globe. It is estimated to hold about one zettabyte of information, the equivalent of 1, 000, 000, 000, 000 gigabytes (yes, twelve zero’s). It is a planet of it’s own receiving our input and growing as fast as our evolution. Search engines like Google have become multi-billion dollar corporations because of the intelligence behind their algorithm. How many times have you searched on Google and not found what you were looking for? It has become as easy as a few clicks to navigate the whole Internet. Algorithms index and organize the Internet allowing a kind of awareness of its own data. The more our technology is aware of itself the smarter it becomes serving us better. The Internet has become as networked and categorized as the neurons coalescing into a brain. In fact, the brain is not too different. It is a physiological space containing every element of our existence stored in 100 billion neurons. It is estimated to hold about 1 million gigabytes of information receiving input from when we are twelve weeks old. The algorithms that navigate our minds however are made up of experiences; where we are, who raised us and what we believe. They lead to reactions to how we perceive and interact with the world. Although we all have access to the same information we choose to be aware of only fractions, fueling the self-righteous claims of the divisions of our world and fragmenting our existence. We are even censoring and regulating the Internet by country reflecting how far we will go to hold on to our algorithms.


We have the option to become part of a universal consciousness but we are in a state of analysis paralysis. There may be algorithms that have worked for stretches of time but we are not static, we are alive and we grow. The universal allure of power and fame comes with the sense that those holding it understand the world more than those without it. Everyone wants to be rich, if not everyone wants to own an island. We look at those that already do and emulate them. Our children emulate them because we did. It then becomes a truth simply because it has lasted for so long. No one knows everything even Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha, they have admitted this themselves. There are those stuck in a state of repression because they do not know that their freedom to think outside the algorithm was taken away when they were born. They are too scared to break out; freedom after all is for those who are brave. There are also those who propagate the algorithm. My mind sees the injustice in those, who have molded beautiful potential into ugly waste. I will battle them with how I have chosen to live my life despite everything they have done, are doing, and will do to me. I am a manic sick with the awe of life. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. There is music louder than the depths of this universe, and now that is all I can hear. So drown oh world into your madness, until you disappear.




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