The Fallen Star – A short poem



I cannot remain in silence. These atrocities have shaken me to my core.

Where is humanity? These tears have made my eyes sore.


I continue to watch, helpless, infuriated and ignored

What can I do, I am no president to behold.


I am an aching heart, and my pain I can not bare

But what of the child lost in his dead mothers stare?


What of the father with no body left

Who rips up the family record, because they are all dead?


What of the grandmother wrinkled beyond strength

Desperately pushing the settler that will sleep in her bed?


What is this madness, this diplomacy without sense

When the slaughter of a people is justified as self-defense


Ten minutes they say, to evacuate before they strike

What do I take with me and where do I hide?


Welcome to Palestine, an oversized Israeli zoo

No feeding the animals, or we’ll cut off your hands too


The world will someday see the fallen star, that burned into its chest this hideous scar

No longer can religion, faith or belief, hide this truth and provide its relief


So here I cry while humanity bleeds. But I am of love, abundance and peace!

I am the voice that breaks through eyes that cannot look away

So excuse my sobbing for all I can do now is pray…





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