I Must Be An Alien – A short poem



It is becoming difficult to relate, this world I fit into no more.
I do not belong here. This is not my dream, choice, or war.

I do not belong to a race, with a history defined by its hate.
I do not care who you are, what you worship, or who you mate.

I do not belong to a culture, that panics when its idols are touched.
I am however scared shitless, that this winter didn’t come.

I do not belong to a society, where little girls look up to a cover.
Only that which brings me joy is beautiful, regardless of form or color.

I do not belong to a nation, where a president is shamed for fornication,
while a pope hiding pedophiles behind crosses, is let off with a resignation.

I do not want to participate, in systems diseased with decease.
I just want space to be what I am. I am of love, abundance and peace.

I do not belong here so I must be an alien, a ghost, or a lost soul,
in the accidental shape of a human, but I will find a way to go home.



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