Keep Calm & Keep Wiping


There is so much silence in the world, that if all the noise humanity makes is made simultaneously, it is nothing but a mumble. There is so much stillness that the subtlest movement can distract our attention. There is so much space that even when we have built the tallest skyscraper and the largest civilization, the vastness remains undisturbed. How did we lose sight of all of that?

Our world is one of groups, and sides, and borders. We’ve been taught to choose and so we live the world in fragments. They become our identity, language and belief. But what affinity does a muslim have to Buddha? A buddhist to Mohammad? They are as sacred as each other yet to each other, they are null. Our fragments act as subjective truths depending on who is the onlooker, yet we hold them to heart, shedding our own blood for their survival. Religion, sexuality, race, nationality, gender, genre, opinion and category after category and it is completely normal. Human history contains substantial periods of time when practices abolished today were also considered normal. The Romans practiced infanticide disposing of baby girls. The church burned infidels alive at the stake. The English worshipped their kings as Gods, and of-course who can forget slavery. We have become divided into pieces by our 21st century insanity, and once again it is normal.

People yearn for green spaces because in the peace that nature brings, comes appreciation of the self. Our vision, our attention and our emotion is flooded with so much irrelevance that to connect we must escape. But if we are all sacred, what noise do we have to escape? If we are all beautiful what ugliness is there to see? Only that inflicted by ones self. Liberation is not given, it is attained. My mind is crusted with generations of dysfunctionality, and in order to see I must wipe even that which has been me. I will look for breaks in the calamity that reveal the expanse of the sky. I will travel beyond circumference to sit between trees. I will question even that which runs through my veins to understand the truth that I am. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. When we are choosing to see whole we are polishing our eyes, emerging from this cocoon to be the light this world needs. Amen.


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