I Let Go – A short poem


I am sad.

This world is full of horrors and I am continually fighting.
My leaders don’t lead.
My hero’s don’t exist.
Only me in a world trying to change, signing an online petition, pressing a share button.

I’m letting go.

It will happen whether I want it or not. It is a monster bigger than me, and you, and every one of us.

If it can eat the Amazon rainforest, it certainly can grind me.
If it can keep a whole continent dying of hunger, it certainly can starve me.
If it can keep a whole nation without water and electricity, and kill who is necessary, and channel hoards of followers into filling it’s dirty pockets, it certainly will beat me.

I am an ant holding onto my precious humanity like a grain of rice, trying to outrun a tsunami. But I will grasp tighter than the roots of a thousand year old tree because after it is gone, I am the seed.

They will cripple under obese layers of greed that will choke them in their sleep.
They will outnumber their supply like a cancer and die off, one by one.
Their hearts pumping sludges of calcified tears will congest like cement, it is only a matter of time.

It will happen whether they want it or not. It is bigger than them.

Until then I will watch.
I will be all the love, and peace, and abundance despite all of it.
That is all I will be.
I will be you for you until you can be me for us. Until we can be us for them and they can be the world for each other.

Then we are the world as it is meant to be. Free.



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