Return to Divinity



The world is a place of polarities. Good and evil, happy and sad, rich and poor. We tend to equate polarities with one another, for example in the previous sentence; good, happy and rich, and evil, sad and poor. There is a truth to that association seen in individuals, social classes and stratification of entire countries and because of this we tend to one polarity, that which contains the least amount of suffering. But in today’s world is it not also easy to see that everyone is suffering?

In that sense, to what do polarities then equate and where do we tend so we may be at peace?

There is no evil in nature. Animals steal from, rape and kill each other when it is needed. What looks to us like violence is actually establishing territory, procreation and survival. There is no depression in nature, when a mother loses its cubs it does not mourn for months, what looks to us like insensitivity is acceptance of circumstance. In the same way it becomes apparent that there is also no poverty in nature, there are no species that possess more than others. Nature lacks these characteristics and so can neither be described as good, happy or rich. Nature is at peace without tending to a polarity because in nature, polarities do not exist. Therefore there is no police to ward off evil, no government to make sure everyone is happy and no currency for trade yet harmony does remain in need of law, justice and synergy all of which exist as subtle guardians of the peace in nature. When wolves kill more rabbits than they can eat they limit their food supply and die of hunger essentially regulating their own number. This allows the rabbits to repopulate who in turn regulate their own numbers when they outgrow their grass supply. Weaker hungry rabbits are then more available for baby wolves to eat and repopulate, the rabbits dwindle, the grass grows and the cycle repeats itself until wolves, rabbit and grass are almost constant. The predator may not live at the expense of its prey, may not abuse its existence and may not exist itself without it. Because the governance of nature is inherently respected there are no obese wolves, no president rabbits or grass banks and all elements are in harmony. It is almost as if there is an understanding that every meal is a blessing, is appreciated and should be respected in order to survive but if you place twenty rabbits in-front of a wolf, it will kill and eat all of them. It will probably even die of hyper-cholesterol as long as the supply continues.

 They do not understand but because we are human we do. Because we are of a free will that has granted us the power of co-creating our world we are not subject to the same forces that regulate the harmony of the natural world. That is why we have tipped the balance and created polarity. With harmony needing law, justice and synergy we have gone on to create police, government and currency trying to artificially erase our suffering but we remain in conflict. The systems created to take us out of the forest, protect us and make sure we are provided for have failed because we have forgotten that the universal law of karma already exists. Look at what we are causing in our daily lives, is the effect then so surprising? I will keep suffering as long as I am polar, it is the universal reaction to the forgetting of my divinity, and to return I must resolve all of my karma. Every moment I hate I will dissolve it in a reason to love. Every time I am at war I will find the peace that will end it. When I am poor I will appreciate the air that fills my lungs because it is abundant. Through all the noise the sky remains at peace. And so will I. Then I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance. Just like you. Amen.


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