Are We All Connected?

The fastest way to make any living creature lose its mind, is to trap it in a small cage. There are thousands of pet shops, aquariums and zoo’s that are testament to that, but it is perhaps the most disturbing when it happens to human beings. This is because we understand which parts of the mind have been lost, after all we are essentially the same. There is a shared experience among humans who have lost their mind in that connections to the world you and I know are lost. They may hear voices, hallucinate, create links between events, or even experience a totally new world superimposed onto this one. You see when placed in solitary confinement for an enough amount of time, it is better to be alone without your mind, than be sane and alone.
It is perhaps this basic instinct of gravitating towards each other, that has transformed the internet into a social media device. The world is now really an oyster, it is the generation of communication. Social media has allowed people to come together with mass mobilisations that have toppled governments. As we speak it is happening in Beirut. It also these mass behaviours that have allowed us to finally observe humans like we have done with animals in the past. Unlike the news and televised media, this cyber self-documentation of our lives is in a sense free of external censorship, and so is virtually representative. From one person’s profile you can understand what they like and don’t like, how they spend their day, what kind of environment they surround themselves with, and how they react to almost everything. It is no different than studying an animal in the wild, and so we have truly begun to understand not only our behaviour as individuals but also as a whole species.
In her book, “Practically Speaking” Melissa Joy describes the concept of “morphic fields” as parts in a self-organising system that influence its form, structure and patterned interactions. Examples of this would be cells in tissues, tissues in organs, and organs in organisms. This can even be seen at the level of organisms in social groups, where fear of death is the best example of a global morphic field influencing behaviour. It is perhaps our ancestors fear of being eaten by a saber-toothed tiger that has perpetuated a morphic field where we fear cockroaches, even though we know they are perfectly harmless. It may also be this field that has fuelled our irrational support for corrupt governments and flawed religions. And as we seem to inherit these fields and operate within them, it may also explain why almost all of us are afflicted with broken inner child syndrome.
If you google it, you probably won’t find much but it is a very evident group of psychological symptoms we are seeing today. Events in a person’s younger years, lead to the loss of their ability to connect with that creative childlike sub-personality within themselves as an adult. In most cases it is some form of a lack of love that translates into a disability in overcoming their own obstacles. They have not understood themselves as a child, because they did not understand why they were not loved, and so are unable to find peace within themselves as an adult. How often do we see troubled adults with a history of being orphaned, or anxious adults with an obsessive compulsive parent? In almost every psychologists office a patient is essentially being helped to love themselves again, and heal their inner child. Almost every self-help book is a broken inner child first aid kit, and as it may be, almost every relationship is an attempt for inner child’s to connect and heal each other.
The phantom DNA effect is a phenomenon observed by Russian scientists twenty years ago. They created a vacuum within a container to observe packets of light called photons, that are the only thing that can remain. In a vacuum photons disperse randomly in the container, but once a piece of DNA is inserted they organise into specific patterns. Not only that, once the DNA is removed the photons remain in that organisation. This was the first scientific evidence of the effect our DNA has on light, and today we have even discovered “bio-photons” being emitted, stored and transported by our cells. Therefore we are containers of light, affecting light around us, creating an interconnected field that is a contribution of every living creature, and it is affecting everything even when we have left. A scientifically tangible morphic field.
Ultimately we are all just bits and pieces of a much larger whole, and we are here to realise that it is only as important as the smallest of its pieces. We are witnessing our little broken inner child ripping our grand planet apart. And while we are all hungry for transformation so that we can love ourselves, few of us love ourselves to transformation. We are all too busy remembering what happened, or planning what to become that we have forgotten to just be, and find it beautiful. We are imprinting this into our DNA and our collective consciousness, and now that we are more connected than we have ever been, it is the perfect time to choose life. To give yourself a break. To stop seeing death of this self as an end, but as the beginning of your expansion into the universe and beyond. I am not a man with numbers, but I live the good life and it has taught me three things. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. You see we don’t just simply have relationships, we are relationships. We are touching each other even when we are at opposite ends of the world. We are drops in a sea so intimate that when you shine, I shine. When you rain, I rain. When you are your truth, I am mine, and it will permeate farther than any horizon we can both see.


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