A 21st Century Pledge

Tree of Abundance

Five senses, and the imagination. In a universe that is greater than what the mind can comprehend, is it naive to believe that notions exist outside of our sensory construct? What does a rock feel, what does a tree feel, what does the sun feel. When forms can express sensations we can comprehend, they achieve the ability to communicate. A dog barks to catch attention, a cat purrs to a gentle hand. But just because a tree can’t scream when it’s cut, just because a rock doesn’t move, is it any less alive?

Its difficult to feel any kind of relationship with that which doesn’t express itself in a way we can interpret with our senses. But then why is it so easy to become attached to our technology, our clothes and our homes? They don’t breathe, think or speak. They don’t love, touch or inspire and yet they’ve become more integral than the earth that sustains us. It’s really not much of an enigma how this happened; we develop a relationship with anything that enriches our existence. Facebook becomes a medium to broadcast your mind, clothes allow a non-verbal proclamation of your personality and your home is a material mirror.

Sometimes I dream about the end of the world. When everything that’s 21st century disappears, what remains? Exactly what we came from; The Earth. Thousands of years ago when that which enriched our lives was the ground and what comes out of it people worshipped the Earth. Now although everything used to make it is still graciously provided by the ground, we worship our phones. We worship cars, brands, celebrities. Every one of us worships something, but that something is not the source of everything, it’s that which is a result of it. If I worship a curtain how will I see the sun?

I’m as 21st century as anyone. I’m addicted to my apple tv, my friends come over to play on their phones and I instagram my life as often as I smoke my Marlboro lights. But just like all of us I’ve always felt two things; a dominant inherent lack and a short lived inherent abundance. Even though I have lived comfortably enough to remain profusely updated with the speed of our world, there was always something missing. I’m not special, everyone except a rare few live with this mountain sized shadow of a hole today. But for the past few years of my life I began to slowly recognize that in me which is abundant. Again i’m not special, everyone is born with an inherent abundance. I just decided to open my heart and allow it to become my eyes.

Today i’ve decided that I will not worship the apple anymore, I will worship the ground. I will recognize that beyond my 21st century illusion there is a purpose to my existence. I will accept that just like I do not control the beating of my heart, I cannot control the manifestation of my life. I will look past the veil I have inherited from the evolution of my species, that which all my life I have willfully maintained, and see only that which is the source of the universe itself. That which I am a manifestation of. My home is no longer my mirror, my universe is. I am of love, I am of peace, I am of abundance. Just like you. Today I surrender my voice, my journey and my heart to my true purpose; the role I am supposed play in the enrichment of my world. As I share my story I aim to touch the abundance in you, become your mirror and cast away your shadow so we can make the world hum to a different tune.

One thought on “A 21st Century Pledge

  1. Wow. Even though I’m positive that typing down the truth that’s inside of me into words on an electronic server somewhere is just as inaccurate as worshipping the curtain instead of the sun, I will take my chances to express how much I can relate to this article.

    I could relate from the very first sentence even, having thought about the gateway to my own universe and the purpose behind my existence. I really appreciate the fact that you have taken the time and effort to share this with the public, especially when you already realise that you cannot control how each individual ends up perceiving your words.

    In the end, I think you have found your answer. I wish the same to me and everyone.
    Thank you!

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