Open Mindedness


Doctors working in the Intensive Care Unit have noticed a subtle observation. In an environment where the slightest slip in sterility results in catastrophic hospital acquired infections, those least prone to infection are those with neurologic dysfunction. The “vegetables”, even though practically every orifice is occupied providing an easy source of contamination. They have a foley catheter in the bladder draining urine, a central line pouring directly into the heart, a tube in the lungs attached to a mechanical ventilator and another through the nose into the stomach. The only difference between a vegetative state and an awake one, is the consciousness of the mind.

We have manipulated our minds to focus on narrow things. We treat people as if they are a set of diseases, diseases we have created, and then treat the complications of our treatment “palliatively” escorting them to the grave. We create boundaries between countries representing a cultural norm of ideals, and believe in their sanctity, then shun a woman on one side for showing her body while on the other celebrate a gay pride annually. We work in tireless jobs conforming to unforgiving systems in the pursuit of happiness, yet in a multinational study conducted on love, the poorest countries have the richest hearts. When did we become so scared to think outside of the box? And how did what’s outside become so scary?

In many religions that believe in reincarnation we are the final form to be born into. Just because we are human we are already enlightened, but the fire has been extinguished. It went through parents, school, relationships, trends, work, politics, science and religion. It has become little more than a candle seeing only as far as its light can reach. But we are born of the same matter that created the stars. We die back into the energy that is the fabric of life. We are here to shine, and love and laugh.We are here to paint the world yet we are defecating monochrome. I have been holding my chest as tight as I was taught, but now it is uncontainable. I am an explosion of color in a star studded sky. I will untangle until I am brighter than the sun because that is what I am. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. The mind only learns what it is wanted to be, so I will learn from the water how to wake up. I will learn from the moon to stare blankly. I will learn from an animal to love beyond border, and then understand that the universe is in love with me. Amen.


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