21st Century Religion


Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous people on Earth. Since the start of her career she’s been identified as a latin movement. Two whole continents of little girls are growing up admiring the way she’s paved for them. She’s even sold almost 700 million albums during her entire career. There are 7 billion people on Earth. If every one of Jennifer’s albums reach a home in the world, that’s 0.1% of the population. So at least 99% of the world has never heard of Jennifer Lopez.

Religion is a celebrity that almost 99% of the world has heard of however. Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha are the world’s most famous people. For many of that 99% religion is much more than an ideology, it is life. It is their manuscript to the world, a place they find solace, and it is tragic what they have done to them. They have been robbed and they don’t know it.

Many people forget that before they died Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha were people. They were skin and flesh and bone. They had thoughts, and dreams. They ate, and used a toilet. They had sex. If not physically then at least mentally they did. This is how I’ve been robbed. My religion has blinded me from the simple truth that they are just like me, human. They just lived differently. They saw things differently, just like I do now. They never pointed out that Mohammad didn’t need books to find God. That Jesus didn’t actually define laws before he died. They have been feeding me “truth” since I was born, and now I am incessantly vomiting.

The universe rains down on great ideas and thats what happened when they had them. The message of all religions is the same. If I had ten people telling me a different version of the same story i’d believe only what they have in common, or none of it at all. I am my own religion and I am the prophet of my life. I have depended on bad leaders my whole life and now I will be my own. I will absorb only that which is a catalyst of my evolution. Where there is no noise there is only silence and thats when I will stop hearing myself, and start hearing the world. Not my narrow interpretation of it, the whole world. Every moment of it. It is pure joy like singing from deep inside the chest. When I see life I am life. When I laugh I will fill the room and when I cry I will flood it. I will love every day of my life even if for a second. Even if for an experience. Just like it does not belong in my house, my mind is not a place for garbage. It is a space for me to realize who I am. I am of love. I am of peace. I am of abundance, just like you. Your life is a sacred masterpiece so when you are in mine, you are divine. And I will honor the space you have given me. Amen.

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